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Shelter cats try to get people to adopt them by waving at them.

This 2-year-old friendly cat is still looking for a new home, even though he’s a real sweetheart. Second time in less than six months that Mayhem is looking for a family that will love him and gives him a home. One day, the ginger furball will be taken home by someone. He lives at the Lollypop Farm in Fairport, New York.

“He came to Lollypop Farm in early June after he was left behind by his owner,” the farm said. He had to come back to the shelter because his new home just wasn’t the right fit.

It’s just to show everyone that Mayhem is friendly. He waves at everyone who comes to the shelter. This isn’t the only thing that happens when volunteers at the shelter pass by his cage. The handsome cat jumps up on the door and acts like it would be nice if they came over and played with him. Because of this, everyone at the center gives him a lot of hugs and obviously a lot of stuffed toys. So they had to keep Mayhem busy all day long because he was so excited.

Because he’s always friendly and kind to anyone who passes by his enclosure, the shelter is sure that someone will fall in love with him and adopt him. Mayhem has so much more to offer.

It has a lot of energy, Lollypop Farm said. A person out there loves cats and wants a cat like him. He may not be right for everyone.” This cat is sure to find a good home.

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