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Small Bird Baths in Flower Petal Captured by Photographer

Rahul Singh is a wildlife photographer who has captured some stunning images of various animals.

Elephants, deer, jackals, monkeys, and rhinos are just a few examples. Even though these photographs are rather lovely, the photographer’s true passion is photographing the various colorful birds that inhabit the city where he lives.

He was left in a state of awe at this point. To photograph sunbirds drinking nectar from these beautiful banana trees, I went to a location where there were several of them.

Nothing seemed unusual until I noticed the crimson sunbird bathing in the water contained within the banana flower petal.

It’s called a banana blossom, and the early morning drizzle accumulated water in one of its petals to make it seem like this.

Cooling down on a sweltering day was no problem for the little crimson sunbird, about 4 inches long. In the petal “bathtub” of nectar, the songbird cooled off.

In all his years of birdwatching, Rahul had never seen anything quite like this before.

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