Starter Pack: 33 Things You Can’t Be Bothered With Anymore

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It’s not a big surprise to hear that time is very valuable and that we only get one life. But for some reason, we always seem to need to be reminded.

Because our lives are so short, we owe it to ourselves to stop wasting time on bad attitudes, harmful habits, and things that don’t matter.

We’re meant to live lives that are full and happy. Even though the saying “ain’t nobody got time for that” is overused, we could all probably use a little more of that attitude.

Do things that make you happy with your time. Spend your time making changes that will make the world a better place. Don’t spend your time on social media following your old enemies from high school.

In all honesty, there are a lot of things you shouldn’t waste time on. This really is just the beginning:

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1. Unkind people

Even though you might want to get mad at the person who just shut a door in your face, you should just go about your day.

Don’t waste your time on him.

2. Feel-bad events

This covers both parties you throw for yourself and parties you have to go to.

The right way to talk about problems and ask for help? Fine.

Doing nothing to solve a problem but dwelling on it? Not good.

3. Consuming bad food

Don’t make a hundred rules about what you can and can’t eat, but do pay attention to what you put in your body.

4. Making a fuss

You could be talking about a lot of more important things, or you could be trying to figure out how to solve your problem.

Or maybe you should just get over it and move on.

5. Going to social events that don’t really interest you

If that one person you’ve only talked to three times in your life is having a going-away party because they finished college, you don’t have to go.

6. Sending texts to people who are only going to make you mad

You already know who they are.

They are the ones whose names show up on your phone and actually make you feel sad.

7. Replying to a text that only says “lol”

If they don’t want to add more than three letters to a conversation, you shouldn’t feel like you have to keep going.

8. Keeping the past in mind

This means holding grudges, keeping in touch with old lovers, and hoping you could go back in time all the time.

It’s going on right now. Enjoy it. I like it.

9. Not giving yourself enough time

You don’t have time to ignore yourself, because if you do that for too long, you’ll have a breakdown.

You matter a lot. Okay? Okay.

10. Letting other people control you

You don’t have to give in to people who try to put down what you say and act like you don’t matter.

You don’t have to always do what other people say.

11. Going after anything but your dreams

Do you really want to reach your goals? Are you really trying to get where you want to go? What have you put off that could help you move forward?

12. Getting caught up in other people’s self-made problems

People need our help because bad things happen. That’s alright.

But when people start fights and make up problems and then expect us to get involved in the mess that follows, it’s time to step back and say no.

13. People who text when the light is green

You shouldn’t be afraid to honk at these people.

14. People who move slower than 2 miles per hour

If we had horns to blow while walking, I would tell you to use them.

15. The “clear” button and the “cancel” button

The “cancel” and “clear” keys on ATM keypads need to mean the same thing to everyone.

It sometimes seems to mean “cancel this step.” It also means “stop everything, kick me out of the system, and forget I was ever here.”

16. When it’s time to buy, people who don’t know what they want

In places that serve food, menus are practically everywhere.

Also, they’re on the Internet.

17. Letting others make you feel bad

Most of the time, the bad things people say to you aren’t even close to true.

Don’t think about how people hurt you.

18. All those advertising emails you get

Find out how to change how often they send you emails, or just stop getting them all together.

It feels so good.

19. Making everyone happy

It will never, ever work. There will always be someone who has something against you.

Kindly treat them, but don’t worry about what they think.

20. Getting rid of photos before your phone tells you it’s running out of space

Who knows when that ostrich joke you saved four months ago might come in handy?

Also, you already have more than 700 shots on your camera roll. Too much time will be needed to sort through them.

Worrying about whether or not your socks match

Socks that don’t match are actually what makes life interesting. Keep going.

22. Having a different account for every place you order food online “Check out as guest” is probably the most beautiful word to read.

23. Slow WiFi for guests

So, just because I’m a guest, I can’t use the WiFi?

Every time I’m a guest somewhere else, I’m treated really well.

24. Hangovers that food can’t cure mostly or all of

Do we even need to explain this?

You shouldn’t just lie on the couch and hate the sun. You have other things to do.

25. Relationships that hurt more than they make you happy

Don’t waste another second of your time on a situation that hurts you.

There are other people in your life who deserve your time and energy more.

26. Telling yourself a lie

It can be hard to be honest with other people. Being honest with ourselves can be very scary.

But you need to be brave enough to do it.

Living in fear of making a mistake

No one likes to make mistakes, but when you do, it means you’re not living a life without change.

It means you’re trying to learn by taking risks.

28. Coming up with reasons not to change your life

What are you most unhappy about? What are you doing about it?

You shouldn’t be afraid of making a change.

29. Not being thankful enough

The best way to get rid of depression and feel better is to think about all the good things in your life.

30. They don’t want to try new things, even if it’s just going to Walmart at 1 a.m.

One of the worst things you can do in life is miss out on making experiences.

Be open to new, crazy, and exciting things.

31. Criticizing your own or other people’s bodies

Stop putting down other people’s bodies, or yourself, right now.

Again, you are putting your energy in the wrong place, and no one wants to hear it.

32. Not being serious about yourself

It’s fine to laugh at things now and then, but don’t think your whole life is a joke.

That’s a bad self-image, and it makes it hard for you to feel good about yourself.

33. Bad friends

Either you’re friends or you aren’t.

Don’t waste your time on people you secretly dislike or who you know secretly dislike you. At the end of the day, they’re just something that bothers you and you have to work hard to dislike.

It’s much easier to just “nothing” them and hang out with your real friends.

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