You are currently viewing Steve Irwin’s Son’s Viral Selfie With His “Isolation Buddy”

Steve Irwin’s Son’s Viral Selfie With His “Isolation Buddy”

Some hate COVID-19, while others attempt to make the most of it. It is weird to be stuck inside all day. On the plus side, you get to discover yourself. This time, you can finish what you started. Staying in isn’t as horrible as you think.

We all know that we kill boredom by using social media. As a viral activity, we play daring games on WhatsApp.

Uploading a selfie with “Isolation Buddy” is one of our numerous WhatsApp challenges.

Celebrities, like us, are trapped. That photo of Robert Irwin with his Isolation Buddy, son of the late ‘Crocodile Hunter’ Steve Irwin, went viral.

Who is his isolated buddy? We’d anticipate a human pal. But Robert, 16, has a tortoise named Igloo. We need it.

So far, the selfie of Robert Irwin with Igloo has gotten over 800,00 likes.

According to the Australia Zoo’s website, this tortoise is an Aldabra. It is also “one of the first species to be protected in order to keep it alive,” says the Smithsonian’s National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute.

The Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison, has ordered a stay-at-home week.

According to the latest Johns Hopkins University data, there are over 4,800 COVID-19 instances and 20 deaths.

Due to the illness, Bindi Irwin’s wedding was cancelled.

Bindi shared her big day on Instagram, saying she had “planned this wonderful day for nearly a year and had to rearrange everything due to no guests”. This was a tough call, but necessary for everyone’s safety.

We wish all of our friends and family could have been there, but sharing images and videos is wonderful, “

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