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Stewart The Squirrel Loves His Best Friend

While we used to see dogs chasing squirrels or squirrels taunting dogs, these two relationships are very different. These guys are great buddies, not foes.

Stewart was rescued and cared for after falling from a tree as a baby. And thus Callie and the Australian Miniature Shepherd began their friendship.

They are inseparable, squirrels and dogs, after all.

Squirrel hunting is prevalent in dogs with natural hunting instincts. But this dog, Callie, is unique. She is buddies with a Stewart Squirrel.

Callie and Stewart had a terrific friendship. They’re playing, napping, and hugging. They show that friendships come in different shapes and sizes.

Stewart is a cutie. Sadly, he lives alone without his family. He was a baby when he fell from his tree and couldn’t find his family. He was rescued and returned to his family who found him alone and likely dying. They chose to save the baby and keep it as a house pet.

They named him and introduced him to their dog. Your dog is a Miniature Shepherd. Callie. She’s a wonderful, lovely dog who proved it when she met the family.

When the family presented the puppy to the squirrel, she quickly accepted him as a companion. It’s one of the sweetest things we’ve seen in a long time. We can only admire these two fiercely and everything they signify.

They don’t even share a family, yet they’ve found one together and adore it. They’re overjoyed to have found each other, and we’re grateful they saved the life of this wonderful little animal.

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