Superfit Gran At 63 Says She Has 18-Year-Old Suitors And Here’re Her Secrets

Meet the superfit Australian grandma, Lesley Maxwell.

People would also comment that she looks like sisters with Tia, her granddaughter who’s 20.

“My tips for eating over the Christmas period would be to eat more turkey rather than cakes,” she shared.

“Another would be to go for a power walk after Christmas dinner. Power walking effectively can work every muscle in your legs and glutes, plus great for your core muscles too.”

“Try to get a proper workout in between festive events too, to offset the additional food and booze,” she advised.

She also did a ‘Grandmother vs. Granddaughter’ and shared a tip, “Add a high-intensity workout into your weekly training schedule and make training fun!”

To her, the biological and chronological age can run at different paces, depending on how well you care for your body.

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