You are currently viewing T.I. Takes His Daughter, 18, To Gynecologist Every Year To Ensure She’s Still Virgin

T.I. Takes His Daughter, 18, To Gynecologist Every Year To Ensure She’s Still Virgin

Rapper T.I has admitted that he accompanies his 18-Year-Old little girl to the gynecologist yearly to guarantee she’s still a virgin.

In a Ladies Like Us video footage, T.I, 39, highlighted just how essential it is to him that his daughter, Deyjah Harris, has actually not had sex. Revealing, he accompanies her on her yearly gynecological checkup to ensure that her hymen is not damaged.

‘Since her 18th birthday celebration, her hymen is still intact,’ the rap artist whose hits attributes versus hinged on sex stated.

‘Deyjah has actually finished from senior high school. Presently, she’s attending her 1st year of college, figuring things out for herself. Yes, not just have we had the sex conversation, we have annual trips to the gynecologist,’ the father of a three-year-old Heiress added.

Saw as a prank by Nazanin Mandi and Nadia Moham, the US Rapper entered into more information concerning his physician browse through with his little girl.

‘It’s this set time we went, I believe after her 16th birthday. Right here’s what we do, right after her birthday event, after which she needs to have enjoyed her gifts, I position a sticky note on the door ‘Gyno. Tomorrow 9:30’

So, we will certainly go and take a seat, and after that, the medical professional will come and talk, portraying a high degree of expertise. He resembled, ‘Well, you know, sir, I have to share details. And I resemble, Deyjah, you need to authorize this to share info. Or exists anything you would certainly want me to understand?’ See doc? No problem.’ the Rap artist explained.

And while the physicians had actually exposed that there are other means for a hymen to damage besides sex, T.I. added that he responded, stating, ‘Look doc, she doesn’t ride on steeds, no bikes, play no sporting activities. Kindly inspect the hymen please and provide me back my outcomes.’

Nevertheless, Deyjah, with over 1.4 million Instagram fans, appears on T’s family fact program.I as well as Tiny: Family & Family Hustle. She’s not a stranger to male attention. However, her father has actually verified she’s restricting her relationship with the male sex.

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