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Take a look at Apollo, our 700lb lion-tiger hybrid.

As a result, the word “large cat” has been given a much-needed facelift. Recently, Apollo, a lion-tiger crossbreed, gained the title of “world’s largest cat.” Greetings! A liger is a cross between a tiger and a lion. Mike Holston and wildlife conservationist Kody Antle filmed this gentle giant strolling around Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and the video quickly went viral.

“This enormous guy’s name is Apollo, and he’s the biggest cat on the earth,” ex-football great Holston proclaimed. We must now wonder what it would eat if it could. Everything and anything it could get its hands on would be devoured by this creature. As far as I’m concerned, an elephant herd might be devoured by a single pack of these monsters. So gorgeous, and it can reach speeds of 40 mph in just two steps. “


Adding to this, Holston claims that the feline’s teeth are the size of his middle finger, its lungs are probably the size of his body, and its tongue is the size of his forearm. Both males can’t wrap their arms around it’s neck since it’s too big. With a weight of 795 pounds, they are twice the size of tigers and lions and can grow to 12 feet long. People are also drawing comparisons between Apollo and the extinct 42,000-year-old sabre-tooth tiger from prehistory.

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