Take a look at these two bears for the first time in 17 years.

As an animal lover, I have to say that I don’t like circuses at all. On the other hand, some wild animals are still kept inside tiny cages, far from their natural habitats.

These sad animals are lucky to be able to enjoy the freedom they deserve after many years of living a sad and lonely life! It’s also the case of Gaika and Masha, two bears who lived in a Russian circus for almost 17 years and were part of the show.

They have been living in a truck for all these years. They were saved, though, when the owner of the circus died. however, The poor animals were taken in by the Wild Animal Sanctuary after that. They are now living a happy, free life. However, what’s truly amazing is when they taste freedom for the first time!

Check out the short video below to see Gaika and Masha for the first time since they were found. They run, prance, and jump for happiness. A very moving video!

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