You are currently viewing Take a look at this adorable baby barn owl as he runs through the forest.

Take a look at this adorable baby barn owl as he runs through the forest.

The Internet has been in love with this picture in the last few days. Now, a picture of a cute baby barn owl has gone viral. It looks like it’s running late for the most important meeting of its life. Hannie Heere, a Dutch photographer, took a picture of a very special moment. People can’t get enough of it now.

The 63-year-old photographer from Dordrecht, Netherlands, has been a big fan of photography for most of her life. However, in the last few years, she has been taking it more seriously. But it looks like it was enough to get a picture of a once-in-a-lifetime event.

A few months ago, Hannie was outside the city looking for a good picture. She saw a barn owl chick. The cute little thing still had white fluffy chick feathers, which meant that it wasn’t yet able to fly. They can flap their wings when they’re about 7-8 weeks old. However, the chicks’ legs are still strong enough to move around their nest.

Then, this is what happened in this case. The little owl is said to have gone for a run, and the photographer captured the exact moment. The answer is that every person on Facebook fell in love with the cute baby owl in the picture, which was very pretty.

Hannie told the PetaPixel that she was lying on the ground. This young bird hasn’t learned to fly yet, but it was not afraid. About 16 feet away, I took the picture.

The photographer didn’t think her picture would be so popular on social media. Instead, the picture made a lot of noise on the Internet. “I was shocked,” the woman said.

If you want to see more of Hannie’s work, you can go to her Facebook page.

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