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Take a look at Zeus: The Blind Owl Who Was Saved and Is So Cute.

An injured owl was spotted on a porch in Southern California. It was a blind Western screech owl with starry-night eyes. The blind owl now lives permanently at the Wildlife Learning Center in Sylmar, California. His wide eyes earned him the name “Zeus,” after the Greek god of the sky and thunder.

Zeus was injured when he was found on a front porch in South California, but the kind staff at the clinic helped him get better. Because the charming owl is blind, he now resides in a trunk on the filing cabinet next to Wildlife Learning Center founder Paul Hahn’s desk. Read on for more details and lovely owl photos from Hahn.

He was discovered on a front porch near the Wildlife Center. He crashed into a home and banged his head. The poor guy was startled but unharmed. They realized his blindness caused his accident.

They couldn’t just let him out into the wild, so they kept him. They dubbed him Zeus, the Sky God, for his dazzling starry eyes. Zeus is now a full-time resident of the Wildlife Learning Center, giving joy to all. The white flecks in his eyes are caused by unusual fibrin or blood pigment clots. These pigments give him a distinctive starry-eyed appearance, hence his name Zeus. “

Most people miss him unless we point him out. Because he is so serene and peaceful, many others mistake him for a stuffed animal. People gasp when he wakes up. People have cried when he shows his peepers. “He has a toy pal and loves Halloween!

It’s amazing how Zeus’ impairment has made so many people aware of screech owls and our environment. He truly represents his species. ” If you’re ever in California, stop by the Wildlife Learning Center to meet Zeuss and his companions.

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