Teen And Cow Lose At Dairy Fair, Take A Nap Together And Win The Hearts Of Millions

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When a teen and a cow lose at a dairy fair, they cuddle up and win over millions of hearts.

Human connections can be incredibly intricate. People have different interests for different reasons, and it’s fascinating to see how people interact with animals. Many people cannot imagine their lives without their pets, and the majority of them are more in love with their animals than with their human companions.

Image credit & More info: Facebook (h/t: aol)

A 15-year-old boy named Mitchell Miner has a close bond with his cow, Audri. Recently, a photograph of Mitchell taking a nap with Audri became popular on the internet, and the caption of the image captured everyone’s interest.

After spending two months getting his cow ready for the juvenile dairy cattle exhibit at the Lowa State Fair, Mitchell and his partner were quite exhausted when the photo was shot because they had been up since three in the morning for the previous three days. For the past two months, they have been working closely together, and Mitchell has been leading, bathing, cutting, and walking Audri to get him ready for the competition.

They placed fifth out of the seven competitors, though, and were unable to take home the blue ribbon as they had hoped. As a result, by the end of the day, they were quite exhausted, and the photo was taken right after the show as they passed out in the barn.


The photo was quite endearing and provided additional understanding of the strong relationships that humans have with animals. For Mitchell, Audri was more than simply a cow; he was a lifelong friend. There were some who took issue with the photo, but Mitchell’s father responded by stating that their animals are well-cared for.


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