Thankful kangaroo offers a handshake after three men save it from freezing lake

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After three guys save it from a freezing lake, a grateful kangaroo shakes hands with them.


It always makes us happy to see people helping animals. When you do a good thing for an animal, they usually don’t show much gratitude.

But animals sometimes have nice ways to say “thank you” to the people who save them, like the kangaroo who shook the hands of the men who saved him.

The Daily Mail Australia says that a man named David Boyd saw a kangaroo in Canberra’s Lake Burley Gryphon. It was said that the water was freezing and the animal couldn’t get out.

Two brave onlookers then jumped into the cold water to help the roo get to safety.

The men move slowly so as not to scare the kangaroo. The kangaroo flails its arms when people get close and try to grab its arms to pull it to safety.

But the men don’t give up. They grab the animal and lead it out of the water.

The kangaroo is scared and shaking, but a third man helps move it to dry land and keeps it calm.

Kangaroos look friendly, but if they feel threatened, they can be very dangerous. As defences, they have sharp claws, a strong punch like a boxer’s, and a kick that experts say can rip a man apart.

Luckily, this kangaroo seemed to know that these men were there to help. In a sweet moment, he even put out his paw as if to shake hands.

“Aw, he’s thanking you,” the person filming the rescue is heard saying.

In “shock,” the kangaroo needed thirty minutes to cool down, according to Daily Mail Australia.

People who saw what happened told Courier Mail that the kangaroo finally hopped on its way, seemingly unharmed by what happened.

These men saved this kangaroo, so thank you! You earned that “handshake” for making things better.

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