“That’s not right,” David Beckham’s daughter, who is 12 years old, causes a stir when she wears an unusual slip dress.

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You are currently viewing “That’s not right,” David Beckham’s daughter, who is 12 years old, causes a stir when she wears an unusual slip dress.

People are saying things like “She’s a kid in lingerie” and other similar things about Victoria Beckham’s post wishing her daughter a happy birthday. Harper just turned 12 and is the Beckham family’s “princess.” They try to keep her grounded, but sometimes they still spoil her. But people on social media are very upset about her most recent birthday present.

David and Victoria Beckham have both made it big in their own areas. David became famous in the world of sports, and Victoria was a well-known musician before she became a successful businesswoman.

As a power couple, the British football legend and his former Spice Girls wife accepted parenthood and were blessed with four wonderful children. Their family has a daughter named Harper and three boys named Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz.

Harper, the youngest of their four kids, is the princess of the house because she is the only girl. Harper looks a lot like her stylish mother, Victoria, and her fashion sense is very similar to hers, so it’s likely that she will follow in her path.

They threw her a great birthday party and did everything they could to make her happy.

Harper will probably have a lot of chances to find out what she’s good at and what she’s passionate about because she grew up with successful people. The Beckham family’s support and praise will definitely help her become the person she wants to be. They will also spoil her with expensive gifts and big parties.

Harper’s 12th birthday was just a few weeks ago, and they celebrated with expensive gifts and a small party at the Prada Caffè. Harper wore a long purple slip dress and a sparkling bag worth $2700 that showed off her own unique sense of style. The pictures also showed her smiling and happy while holding a Prada gift bag.

Her dress made some people angry online.

When Victoria posted pictures of Harper at her Prada party, a lot of people wrote comments. Many people talked about Harper’s slip dress, and some were worried about whether or not it was right for her age.

People had strong views about Harper’s clothes in the comments section. One person said, “A dress that looks like lingerie for a 12-year-old girl is not at all appropriate.” Someone else said, “She looks like a child in underwear. “It’s wrong.”

When popular people like Harper Beckham wear certain styles, it can unintentionally start a trend and make it hard to tell what clothes are for kids and what are for adults. David and Victoria don’t want their kids to grow up spoiled, so they make sure they stay grounded and humble. They want to raise children who are grounded.

They want to teach their kids values that help them be humble and have a real respect for life. Victoria said, “David and I tell the kids how lucky they are to live the lives they do. We tell them that in many parts of the world, children go hungry, have no place to live, and are sick.

There’s no doubt that the Beckhams are a great family. Even though their lavish lifestyle has caused a lot of trouble, the love that holds them together is unmatched and has lasted for over 20 years.

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