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The Appeal of Fluffy White Maine Coon Kefir

Maine Coons are a domestic cat breed. This breed originated in Maine, USA, and is one of North America’s oldest natural breeds. They are very friendly, lively, intelligent, and gentle cats.

His physical characteristics are a rectangular body form, a large bushy tail, a ruff on the chest, and an irregular two-layered coat. The Maine coon has dog-like features and excellent hunting skills. That allows them to live in cold winter climates.

Gentle gigantic Maine coons are easily trained. They are known for their family loyalty. The title of the largest domestic cat breed was taken away by Savannah cats.

Kefir, the huge white-colored Maine Coon cat, lives with his human mother, Yuliya Minina, in Stary Oskol, Russia. Yuliya bought the Maine Coon two years ago on March 3rd. This massive cat already weighs roughly 26.5 pounds and will grow to be 3 years old.

Due to his size, many people mistake Kefir for a dog. He is not only enormous, but also smart, since he understands some of Yuliya’s commands. Kefir favors meat and natural feed over dry cat food. Despite his bulk, he is a kind man.

This Maine coon enjoys eating at the family table and considers himself a family member. Kefir has hundreds of Instagram followers. People all across the world like this cute, huge ball of fur and his amusing images. Just one look at his photos will persuade you of his posing skills.

Image Credit & More Info; yuliyamnn/instagram | TikTok

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