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The Baby Rhino proudly shows off his bravery.

No matter our size or age, we all enjoy playing the tough guy. Animals are the same. Darren Sheer chose a guided tour of a South African wildlife preserve. There he met a courageous individual. This was a baby rhino. The baby’s charming personality made up for his lack of stature. The Sheer family went on a safari and came across a mother and her young rhino along the way.

The car they were in came to a halt to keep a safe distance from the two animals. Despite the mother rhino’s plodding pace, the baby rhino decided to rebel. He sprinted away from his mother and approached the car and its occupants. His goal was to show he was tough. This newborn rhino will probably grow up to be a troublemaker. He doesn’t charge once, but several times to scare the humans.

Sadly, he failed because Darren found the entire incident uplifting. When the baby rhino charges, he stops well away from the vehicle. No matter how tough you are, your safety must come first. Better safe than sorry. After failing to terrify the humans, the baby rhino decided to change course and follow his mother. This experience reminded Darren of memorable family moments. Were Darren and the baby rhino with their families?

The video will make you think the newborn rhino is cute, even if his purpose was to appear strong.

Image Credit & More Info; instagram | latestsightings

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