The Cassowary Is The World’s Most Dangerous Bird

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It is the most dangerous bird in the world.

People often say that the cassowary, a bird that lives in Australia and Papua New Guinea and can’t fly, is the most dangerous bird in the world, especially when it comes to people. People say that cassowaries are mean and unreliable because they have strong legs and sharp claws.

Romper Stomper, an enormous cassowary well-liked by locals in Julatten, Queensland, Australia, is even allowed to enter the local pub. Still, the local carpenter was rather frightened when the massive bird decided to enter his shop, which is understandable since cassowaries are considered to be the most dangerous birds in the world. Credit: Tony Fleming

Cassowaries are big birds that can’t fly. They can be up to six feet tall and weigh up to 130 pounds. They have dark feathers all over their bodies, and a unique bony cap on their heads called a casque. Cassowaries usually eat plants, but they have been known to eat small animals and insects too.

Image credit: Brian Gratwicke

Romper Stomper is a huge cassowary that is liked by people in Julatten, Queensland, Australia. It is even allowed in the local pub. Still, the local carpenter was pretty scared when the huge bird came into his shop. This is reasonable, since cassowaries are thought to be the most dangerous birds in the world.

Cassowaries are not normally mean to people, but if they feel threatened, they can become protective and defensive. Their sharp claws can seriously hurt you, and their strong legs can kill you with a kick. For example, cassowaries have been known to attack people, and some of these attacks have been deadly.

Image credit: awee_19

Not only are cassowaries strong, but they also have unique sounds that make them stand out. People have said that their calls sound like an empty, ribbed plastic tube scraping against something. You can hear these calls from more than a mile away, which are used by cassowaries to talk to each other.

Image credit: pete keogh

Even though they have a bad image for being dangerous, cassowaries are very important to the ecosystems where they live. They’re very important for spreading seeds, and other animals and plants can get a lot of food from their droppings. In some places, though, habitat loss and hunting have caused cassowary numbers to drop.

Photo by Ivan Phillipsen. Queensland, Australia


This girl appears calm but cassowaries are actually the deadliest birds in the world, at least where humans are concerned. They grow to 5-6 feet tall with some females reaching 6.6 ft in height.

Finally, the cassowary is an interesting and strong bird that you should enjoy and respect from afar. People don’t normally attack them, but it’s important to remember that they are wild animals and should be treated with care and respect. As we continue to move into these birds’ natural environments, we need to do everything we can to protect them and make sure they live on for future generations.


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