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The cat who likes the smell of fresh milk cartons seals

Ollie and Zero are brothers taken in by the same family. But their personalities are very different from each other.

Callie Samuels, their human mother, says that Zero is the one who is always making trouble. He’s the one who’s always up for a game. Ollie seems more like an angel than a kid. Zero gets into trouble, and Ollie just sits back and looks innocent as he watches. He doesn’t make any mistakes.


Ollie is a lot calmer than Zero, but they are the same when it comes to freshness seals. One day, Samuels took the seal off a new milk carton and tossed it to Ollie as if it were nothing. She thought he might like to hit it back and forth. But he had no idea that she was about to become obsessed with him for the rest of her life.


At first sight, they fell in love. Ollie put it in his mouth and walked around with it. He also hit it across the floor and played with it. Ollie comes running up and meowing whenever she takes milk out of the fridge. She has to tell him there won’t always be a new freshness seal for him. Ollie loves getting new freshness seals, but he keeps all the old ones. He never gives away a freshness seal and loves adding to his collection and putting them in weird places. You name it: under the couch cushions, on the bed, even in Samuel’s shoes. It looks like he is keeping them around the house if he wants to play with one at some point.


Ollie is completely hooked on freshness seals, but Zero has no idea about this. He loves getting into trouble like the next cat, but freshness seals aren’t his thing. He never understands what Ollie is so crazy about.

Zero usually does nothing when Ollie is playing with the freshness seal. Zero will growl and put the freshness seal in his mouth to protect it if Ollie even looks at him while playing.


Zero doesn’t understand Ollie’s obsession, but he will not judge him for it. One gets into trouble, and the other is crazy about freshness seals. They value their differences and love each other, no matter what.

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