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The Cutest Smiling Dog You’ll Ever See On the Internet

When you pass an animal shelter, it’s awful, but you can adopt one. What about them? How would they feel if they were confined to a kennel for the rest of their lives without being properly loved? That’s why animals in shelters whimper or wail when you go past them.

The subject of this narrative is Burreaux, a Labrador Retriever mix puppy in need of a home. And anytime someone speaks to him, he responds with a high-pitched voice and a cute smile.

Courtney Wingate, the director of the Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana, noticed the joyful canine and rescued him and his two siblings from the facility. She called the puppies “O,” “Joe, and “Burreaux” since she is a diehard LSU supporter.

She wants to find a nice home for these wonderful creatures. Joe was adopted right away, but Bureau and O are still up for adoption.

Burreaux’s smile, on the other hand, went viral, and his video has received 90,000 views, with the caption “Burreaux yearning for attention.” Oh, and this smiler is still looking for a home.

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