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The deer does this when the dog is “too busy” to talk to her.

Wild deer start dancing to try and get the dog’s attention, but the dog is too busy. The two have met in a creek not far from the dog’s home. The dog owner was laughing so hard that he took a picture. Almost six million people fell in love with the video.

Deer are usually very afraid of humans, usually avoiding them at all costs. This white-tailed deer, on the other hand, is very curious. So when she saw a friendly dog, she just wanted to say hello. He doesn’t seem to have time for anything, though. In any case, according to the dog’s owner, this isn’t their first time meeting each other.


When Yukon and his owner lived in the neighborhood where the friendly deer lived, she was left alone and used to go around the neighborhood when they lived there. When Yukon and his dad took walks outside, Daisy, the deer they called her, was there to greet them. After a few months, Daisy got lost in the woods and never returned.


Deer: “She thinks she is an animal. When we go for a walk, this deer runs with my dog.” This time, she was feeling a little naughty, the owner said in a video on YouTube. It was only for a short time that Yukon and Daisy, a young fawn who had been abandoned, became friends. In the middle of the walk, Daisy would show up. A few days ago, she was in a playful mood, but Yukon didn’t seem to care at all. For me, he just wanted to go out and find rocks.

The adorable moment is below. You should see it!

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