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The Dog Who Worked at Hyundai

For a long time, we thought that only people had to do jobs. A dog has been hired by Hyundai and will be there for years to come.

You’re right.

People at Hyundai Prime didn’t think it was weird to see a dog at the store. They thought he would leave at some point. On the other hand, he stayed.

Then, Tucson Prime had the good fortune of meeting some nice people. Tucson Prime got a home, a membership in the dealership, and an ID card.

Tucson was hired and moved in by May. There were a lot of people who saw Hyundai Brazil’s Insta post about the “pawfessional consultant” in the last week.

All they wanted to do was make the dog’s life better, so that was all they did. Then, it turns out that Tucson is very good at making people fall in love with their business. This led to him getting a promotion at work.

Emerson Mariano, the manager of the showroom, told Top Motors Brazil that customers had good things to say about the Tucson. Also, his presence has made the showroom more friendly because he has a “very caring and docile nature.”

After the customers bought the furniture, they kept coming back to the store even though they already had it. They wanted to see Tucson.

The manager talks about the time he saved Tucson. He felt bad for the dog because it was raining in the night. So, he asked the dog for some food and water.

Even though Mariano didn’t want to keep the dog, Tucson’s big heart won him over. Finally, it’s more like a fairy tale.

“After all, the company has always been pet-friendly, so now we decided to put this idea into practice by having our own pet at a time like this when there are so many abandoned animals,” he said.

People in Tucson were vaccinated and given the right medicines. The Tucson will be used in a national advertising campaign for Hyundai next year. Being a member of Hyundai is not enough.

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