The dog’s family backs him up in his pursuit of his goal.

Harry is a tyke of a canine. He possesses a rare kind of enthusiasm that has only recently been found. Observing the passing of time!

Harry loved to sit on the fence in the backyard of his family’s house and watch the world go by. Although he was enamored with it, it didn’t provide him with many visuals. Because the fence’s pickets were so close together, it was nearly impossible to see outside of it.

That’s when something happened that offered Harry some hope for the future. An unexpected storm caused the fence to fall down. An entirely new look was adopted for the replacement.

Harry’s owner, Alex McLeish, was aware of Harry’s fetish. It was Alex’s father’s idea to leave gaps between the pickets when they constructed the fence.

After a long time, he was finally able to keep track of what was going on across the fence. He could only see through the small openings. What else could be done? It’s like having a fence-mounted window. The window that McLeish had playfully recommended to Dad was now being built for him by the man himself! Dad chiseled out a little window for McLeish so he could see the outside world without any barriers. He was ecstatic.

In Harry’s heart, he knew it was meant to be. The whole time it was happening, he was keeping an eye on it. And the wait was well worth it. His gaze had been fixed on the window since it was installed. When people or other dogs walk by the house, he jumps up and down with excitement, his tail wagging furiously. The moment he sits down, he will not leave until they summon him.

As Mcleish put it, “It surely brings a smile to our faces to see him watching the world go by.”

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