The internet has gone crazy over some really cute photos of two penguins finding comfort in each other under the Melbourne skyline.

Tobias Baumgaertner, a wildlife photographer, witnessed the touching moment and was able to capture the heartwarming images on film. And I must say, I haven’t seen anything cuter in a long time.

According to the photographer, the now-viral photographs depict two windowed penguins comforting each other after they have lost their mates. Tobias took a picture of the two small animals having a romantic moment under Melbourne’s “dancing lights.”

Even though he recorded the romantic occasion on video about a year ago, his images went viral just a few days ago thanks to a tweet. The photographer wrote: “Those who can be with the person or people they love most during moments like this are genuinely lucky,” About a year ago, I captured this moment. These two fairy penguins, perched on a ledge overlooking Melbourne’s skyline, stood there for hours, flipper in flipper, enjoying the shimmering lights of the cityscape and ocean. “

I couldn’t get enough of these penguins enjoying the Melbourne skyline together, so I tracked out the original photographer, only to discover that they were BOTH WIDOWED.

Tobias Baumgaertner, who spent a few days with the penguin colony in a Melbourne neighborhood for a conservation project, said he learned about the story of these two penguins from a volunteer. A volunteer approached me and told me that the white lady was an older lady who had lost her partner, and that the younger male to the left had also, “the photographer explained.” Since then, they’ve met on a regular basis, comforting one another and standing together for hours watching the city lights dance.

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