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The little cat was born with worried eyes.

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Is there any time when people ask you what’s making you look stressed even though you don’t want to look that way? I’ve thought a lot about this. At the very least, when I’m very typical and normal, someone would ask, “Why would I say that you look nervous?”

People who have been in this situation would know how it feels. This isn’t something that’s very interesting. People call him “Worried Eyes.” This is Bum, also known as “Worried Eye.” He was brought to the shelter when he was just four weeks old, and everyone fell in love with his worried look.

You will see a cat with eyes that look stressed when it comes into the world. This cat looks like it’s having a terrible time with something. A lot of people call him “stressed eyes.” His name is Bum. People started to look at him with stars in their eyes when he was just a month old. People from the San Diego human culture told us that.

“He’s afraid of new people, but when he gets to know you, he’s a big fan of being hugged.” Morning snuggles are his favorite time of day. He also likes to sleep under the covers. He also loves cats, especially small cats, and has helped raise a lot of kittens and even spent time with cats that were hurt and were being fixed.

Everyone loves this little cat, even though he looks stressed, because he is so cute. He is usually nice to everyone, even though he looks sad. Even though the little person looks sad, he seems to be happy inside. In this way, if you like his pictures, don’t forget to share them with your cat’s friends! Instagram (worried cat, aka bum) has the picture and more information.

Credit & More Info: Instagram (worried_cat_aka_bum)

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