The little girl is scared of the vacuum cleaner, so she runs to her dog for help.

You can’t find a better pair than a baby and a dog, no matter how hard you try. Because of this, it’s hard to figure out why our four-legged friends and our babies have such a strong connection. Kids let the dogs do what they want, but it’s unclear why. One thing is for sure: when we see a relationship like this, our hearts melt. The little girl and her dog, shown in the video below, are no less important.

Because the sound of vacuum cleaners helps calm them down, most little babies are big fans of vacuum cleaners. But in this case, it’s completely the opposite. The cute girl is on her way to her dad when the vacuum starts up. The next moment, the 11-month-old is very afraid of the noise, and she turns around. However, this is the time when something good happens.

We might think that the little girl would ask for her mom. Instead, she runs to her dog, sitting in the corner, and hugs him. As long as her little furry brother is by her side, the girl feels safer. There is no doubt about it: Her older brother is very calm and shows off his protective side. Many people are amazed by how this little girl trusts her dog to keep her safe. Because of how close they are, there must be a strong connection between them. The cute video shows again how reliable dogs can be, no matter what.

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