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The Masai Mara Reserve’s most amusing story involves two lions.

Two magnificent lions were caught on camera roaming through Kenya’s largest wildlife park, the Masai Mara Reserve, and they were stealing the show. The two beautiful lions were spotted joking in photographs. Rose Fleming, a South Carolina amateur photographer, was the one who took these once-in-a-lifetime images on film.

When the two lions became highly amused, it appeared that they were sharing an inside joke. Fleming was so surprised by what she saw that she later called it “freaking fantastic.”

credit: Rose fleming’Mercury press

Rose, a 49-year-old textile designer from Spartanburg, South Carolina, describes her encounter in an interview: “We came across these two male lions out on the Mara looking for some lionesses.”

When they picked up their heads, they caught a trail of pheromones, took a whiff, and had these expressions on their faces.

“Imagine two of the most gorgeous lions going down the Masai Mara, laughing at each other.

Fleming continued in her interview to describe what she had seen, saying, “Their faces seemed as if they were sharing a secret joke that made them crack up laughing.” It was simply incredible. That kind of behavior has never occurred to me before, not even on Nat Geo. We spent a number of hours watching the couple.

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