The mischievous panda gets into trouble with its caregivers all the time.

As you can see in this very cute video, a cute panda isn’t in the mood to play with his caretakers. He decides to play with them a little. People who care for the polar bear are having a hard time getting him into his enclosure while he acts like a big goof. It won’t be easy, though. Everyone laughs when they see the video of the funny moment.

The mischievous little guy in the video below is a permanent resident of a zoo in Japan, where he is getting help for his bad habits. Unfortunately, these cute animals are becoming more and more rare. People who work for the government are doing everything they can to save the pandas. There are fewer than 2,000 of them left in the wild. A lot of people say that these rehabilitation programs have worked well so far.

Screenshot via Youtube

Even though they are clumsy or mischievous, that doesn’t make them any less of them. This panda is no different. The people who take care of him already know that, because they even treat him a little bit. Because of this, they have no choice but to go along with him on his wacky little trips.

Screenshot via Youtube

To make him feel more at home, the caretakers even dressed up as pandas. But it turns out that this spoiled panda doesn’t like that at all. All he wants to do is spend a little time in the ditch outside his house. The two caretakers don’t seem to be able to stop the panda from sliding down into the ditch, though.

Screenshot via Youtube

After he realizes how hard it is to get out of the ditch, the panda’s playful mood fades away. When things get hard for someone, they are there to help. He gladly accepts this time because of the people who care about him so much.

Watch the funny scene down below.

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