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The mother bear takes her three cubs swimming.

It was a hot day, and the temperature was over 86 degrees Fahrenheit. During the weekend, many people went to Lake Tahoe to cool off. On Sunday, some of them got a real shock. A mother black bear and her three young cubs decided to go to the park. Many of the swimmers didn’t believe what they saw, and it sounded crazy. Why did they join together to swim? It was easy to figure out..


The bear family took a day off and went to the beach to have fun. One of the people who went to the beach, Jen Watkins saw the bears first. She tried to take a picture of it quickly.

The family of bears has been walking on the beach without being bothered by many people. They did have a little fight with a dog, though.


Seeing it made them a little shocked. There was a golden retriever with the cubs, and Jen thinks the bear had been out earlier. It had become a little unfriendly and protective of the cubs.

Lake Tahoe is full of black bears, and they are often seen on the beaches of the lake. The people even don’t bother them during the summer.

At this point, no one was hurt. When the bear family was done swimming, they calmly walked away. Those who work with wildlife say people should be aware of their surroundings when around wild animals. Because they are very dangerous.

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