The Must-Have Kitchen Tool That Makes Prepping Herbs So Much Easier

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The must-have kitchen tool that makes it easier to prepare herbs

There is no difference between fresh herbs and dried herbs. In raw foods like salads, sauces, pesto, and garnishes, fresh herbs can’t be replaced. Most of the time, they taste better and add more flavor than dried ones. But their planning is their biggest flaw. Fresh herbs need to be washed, stripped, and chopped before they can be used. Depending on the herb, this process can take a very long time. If you love fresh herbs, though, meet the herb stripper—an underrated tool that can help you get ready faster.

How do you use a Herb Stripper?

Herb strippers do exactly what their name says: they help take leaves off of stems. They have holes of different sizes so that you can use them with different flowers. To get rid of all the leaves, you just put the stem on one side of the smallest hole it can fit into and pull it through. Some can remove kale and other leafy veggies because their holes are big enough. Some types come with a blade so you can use the same tool to both strip and chop flowers. Some have bowls that are connected to catch the leaves as they pass through the holes.

Jiaedge 9 Hole Stainless Steel Herb Stripper. Source: Amazon

For people who cook with fresh herbs, this tool could change everything. After seeing how fast the stripper works, they might even want to use plants more often. It might even make home cooks want to try new greens for the first time. Here are some things to remember.

First, as soon as you get a bunch of fresh herbs, wash and dry them to get rid of any bugs or dirt. Then, put the herbs in bags that can be sealed and wrap them in paper towels. The paper towels will help the herbs stay fresh, but you should use them within a few days to get the most taste out of them. There are a lot of ways to enjoy their unique tastes, which is good.

Herb strippers can be bought at Walmart, Target, Amazon, or one of the cooking supply stores near you.


Different kinds of fresh herbs and how to use them

Basil: This is one of the most famous herbs, maybe because it tastes sweet and a little spicy. It’s often used in Mediterranean cooking, but it can also go well with other types of food. It’s also the most common vegetable used in pesto. If you want to get the most out of basil, add the leaves (not the stems) near the end of cooking. This is true whether you are making pasta sauce, fish, or chicken.

Rosemary—Rosemary is hard to cook with, which makes it perfect for the herb stripper. But the leaves give the plant a wonderful woody and piney taste. That makes it great for roasting chicken, lamb chops, beef, potatoes, and lamb chops. It tastes great on pita, sweet potato fries, and even cake.

Cilantro: Many people don’t like cilantro, which is also called coriander leaf. Some people like how bright and sour it tastes, while others say it tastes like soap. But Asian and Latin American food can’t do without it. You can eat cilantro raw or cooked, and it tastes great without being too strong.

Dill—Dill is often used in German and Scandinavian cooking. It’s a soft plant that tastes strong, fresh, and earthy. Chicken, yogurt, seafood, salad, soup, and egg meals like quiche are just a few of the foods that go well with it.

Marjoram: Marjoram can taste like oregano reduced in strength, but it’s still strong. You can eat it with meat and veggies, but it can also make salads, soups, sauces, fish, and other foods taste better. You can use the leaves in these recipes, but save the stems to make a stock or soup taste better.

The herb thyme is used a lot in French cooking. It can make food taste better with its strong, flower smell and taste that doesn’t overpower other flavors. A herb stripper can also make it easy to prepare thyme, just like it can with rosemary. It goes well with chicken roast, bread, potatoes, and drinks.

When most people think of mint, they think of desserts and tea. But this herb can be used in more ways than that. It goes well with salad, chicken, curry, and sandwiches, among other delicious foods. It’s also good on top of a fruit salad.

Parsley—This herb can be used in many ways and is very popular because it tastes fresh and mild. The roots can also be used to make a dish better, even though the leaves are stronger. Add it to soup or salad as a garnish to make it taste better. You can use parsley with a lot of different things, but it tastes great with pasta, butter, eggs, and lemon.

Like chili pasta and pizza sauces, oregano is a must-have for recipes that call for a strong flavor. Oregano can handle heat better than herbs like basil, so you can add it at the start of the cooking process. Don’t use too much oregano, though, or it will overpower the other seasonings. You can use the roots to make stocks and soups taste better.

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