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The orphaned pony finds solace in a teddy bear and brings joy to everyone’s heart.

Since I started writing these posts, I’ve witnessed a lot of strange friendships, but this one might be the prettiest yet. An orphaned pony’s best friend is a stuffed teddy bear that captured the hearts of the Internet. Breeze is the bear’s name, which adds to the cuteness. Apparently, the tiny horse was lonely and in need of anything to replace his mother’s loving touch. He was handed a plush teddy bear, which turned out to be ideal for the ‘job’!

Unfortunately, this adorable baby was discarded by his own mother soon after birth. But, thanks to a concerned farmer who contacted the Mare and Foal Sanctuary in the United Kingdom, he was discovered barely in time. The poor little animal was bewildered and afraid when the help arrived, but his condition began to improve as soon as he was transferred to the refuge.


“Unfortunately, little Breeze does not have his mother around to keep him company,” said Syra Bowden, the sanctuary’s executive director. “It’s been amazing to watch him engage with his new teddies and snuggle up to them at night.” They keep him company and provide comfort during the times when his attendants are not available.”


Volunteers at the shelter frequently give orphaned baby animals small toys to make them feel more at ease. They were all shocked, though, by Breeze’s enthusiasm for the big teddy bear he received.


The sanctuary reported, “A one-week-old foal sleeps comfortably in the lap of its new surrogate mum – a gigantic TEDDY BEAR.” “Just a few hours after his birth, Breeze the bay pony was discovered abandoned on Dartmoor National Park. The tiny foundling crawled about the hillside, hopelessly attempting to nurse mares since he couldn’t find his mother. The Breeze had collapsed in a state of extreme shock and dehydration by the time rescuers from a local equestrian sanctuary arrived to help.”

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