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The Penguins Go On a Field Trip after the Aquarium Closed.

Many services around the world are closing their doors to the public because COVID-19 has spread. The Shed Aquarium, which is in Chicago, is not an exception. About 2 million people come to the aquarium every year, so it’s been closed for two weeks to keep the public safe from covid19. Though the aquarium hasn’t been empty for a long time, people have been turned into penguins. Undoubtedly, this was the first time that these aquatic birds had been able to bounce their limbs around and explore the site independently.

The aquarium is now a rare way to have fun with social media. It is in the city of Chicago, which has recently closed down.

If you want to show people through social media that many places are closed to the public, you should do this only once in a while! This project is led by the Shedd Aquarium.

Some fish species and other animals can be found on Twitter. People are excited to meet them and other animals. Some of the people who put these videos on Twitter had more than 100,000 likes and shares.

It was strange for them to do, but those days were normal for animals who lived in a place. Caregivers at the Shedd aquarium do great behavioral research that keeps giving animals new things to do.

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