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The problem of human rubbish control

Nowadays humans produce much more waste and carbon footprints on the earth. An increase in the human population and not having a proper waste management system is one of the main reasons behind this disaster. Moreover, we are not following recycling procedures cause this environmental damage. The purpose of this essay is to further analyze the above reasons and give solutions.

An increase in the human population affects our natural environment in several ways. Producing more and more rubbish and not having proper waste management systems cause water and air pollution. Most of the urban areas becoming more and more unhealthy places to live for both people and animals. Government has a major role to play with the garbage disposal. Introducing strict rules and penalties to citizens is one method they can follow. But without stopping in there, the government should take the necessary steps to collect garbage and clean the cities. In that way, we can control rubbish disposal and reduce pollution.

Not having a proper way to dispose of the garbage and no way to reduce our carbon footprint is another disaster we are facing. Even government collects the garbage weekly or daily basis, most of the time that rubbish is disposed to barren lands or sometimes water sources like oceans and lakes. Because of that most of our water resources are polluted and animals and some other species life are in danger. Instead of releasing garbage into water or barren lands, the government can follow proper recycling procedures. For example, nowadays there are some textile companies that produce cheap and quality clothes using recycled bottles. Recycling the garbage is the best way to manage the disposal of garbage. it is environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

In conclusion, garbage is one of the main problems nowadays humans are facing. Now is the right time to take necessary action before it’s too late to save our planet. By using recycling procedures, Introducing rules and regulations, and also following proper garbage disposal methods, the government can reduce and control harmful effects on the environment and the species who live there. That way we can save and keep our world a better place to live not only for us but also for our future generations.

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

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