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The rescue dog is depressed, but he makes friends with a rat.

These rats and dogs have become best friends. It’s Riff Rat, the Dutch shepherd. A big difference in size isn’t important to them. Really good friends.

Riff rat was saved from death when he was just 4 weeks old. People found Osiris and took him home. That’s who helped Riff Rat get better. Osiris was supposed to be staying with the family for a short time. But they fell in love with him right away and decided to keep him for good.

It didn’t matter if the Riff Rats were big or small or what kind of animal they were. They were welcomed by the other rescue Osiris.

A good friendship has formed between them. They play with each other and become partners in crime as a group. They can’t be apart for even a second. This is so great! They trust each other a lot, and it’s so great!

There were fears at first that the two people wouldn’t get along. They did, though. However, these fears didn’t last long. They can no longer be apart. In fact, Osiris lets Riff Rat climb into his mouth and clean his teeth.

Many Riff Rat’s favorite things are to lick Osiris’ mouth. When the Riff is around, no one is afraid that Osiris will eat him. Osiris has helped foster and care for many animals, so he is very gentle with him.

Credits : osirisandfriends

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