You are currently viewing The sight of a big whale breaching near to a little boat was breathtaking.

The sight of a big whale breaching near to a little boat was breathtaking.

By revealing its actual nature, it reminds us repeatedly of the wonders it can provide. A photograph of this was taken in the waters off the coast of Monteray Bay, California. Which is well-known for its whale-watching opportunities.

When a massive humpback whale breached the ocean’s surface right near to a small fishing boat, photographer Douglas Craft was on the scene to capture it all on film. The whale is enormous, Douglas continues in an interview: “The whale is enormous! The fisherman would have needed some new undergarments if I had been in his shoes.

The whale appeared even more massive when viewed about the little fishing boat and the angle the photographs were taken. According to the photographer, “I went below deck to shoot from a porthole close to the waterline.” “It’s because of this, you can have such an incredible perspective of the whale.”

It was a lot of fun to capture this footage,” said whale watcher Kate Cummings, who was with Douglas on this voyage. “It was great to catch this film,” she said about the amazing whale breaching. The whale had already breached several times at a distance greater than 100 meters from the fisherman.

However, when whales breach many times, they may also be traveling in a certain direction when they’re underwater, gaining momentum for the next breach, according to some researchers. I predicted that the next breach would occur around the fisherman because the whale was traveling in that direction, and it did! Even though I didn’t expect the whale and the boat to be in such close proximity.”

Image credits: Douglas Croft

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