The surfer rode the waves and came out of the water with a friend he hadn’t expected.

What seemed like just another day of surfing turned into a beach trip that two lucky surfers will never forget. When they went out to catch some waves, they met a cute young sea lion. But at first, the surfer felt movement in the water behind him and thought a shark might be coming for him. When it turned out to be a baby seal, he was relieved and surprised. Surfers are used to seeing sea lions near the shore, but it’s rare for one to get so close, let alone hop on a board. So when the surfer saw that it was a young, friendly dog, he immediately calmed down and went with the flow. The dog got a few rides, and when he saw the surfboard, he jumped on it eagerly. Over the next hour or so, the group surfed, cuddled, played in the water, rode waves, and chilled out on the board. They were lucky to have a Go-Pro camera with them so they could record the interaction and show how amazing it was.

The young sea lion is a real sweetheart, and it’s amazing how friendly it is. This year, there have been a lot of reports that there are more seals and sea lions that are sick, hurt, or starving. Animal experts don’t know for sure what’s going on. Many groups help wildlife officials and sick animals by rescuing and rehabilitating animals. All of these groups can use any help they can get. Please think about giving money, time, or other needed resources to help get these beautiful animals back to their best condition.

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