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The Way Baby Owls Sleep Is Too Adorable

There are about 220 species of owls in the world. Owls are a mysterious group of birds that easily capture the attention and curiosity of bird watchers or anyone who walk through the owl habitat. Today we are showing you how the way Baby Owls Sleep.

An owl’s hoot can be frightening. That’s why owls are used in horror films and ghost cartoons to convey fear. But I started liking owls after seeing the first Harry Potter film.

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And owls are the most intelligent animals in most animal cartoons. In Franklin’s cartoon series, Mr. Owl is Franklin’s smart and educated instructor. A parliament of owls is a humorous fact about owls that strengthens the preceding argument. Owls can also swivel their necks 270 degrees and use artificial eyeballs for hunting prey.

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But have you ever heard or seen that baby owls sleep face down due to their heavy heads?

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On June 21, 2020, Mark Rees revealed this via a snapshot on his Twitter page. The baby owl in that photo is adorable, and this tweet has 140.6K likes and 1.6K comments.

Image Source: Flickr

Baby owls sleep like human infants. These owl chicks’ heads are bigger than their bodies, and they can’t balance when sleeping. So they sleep lying down. When they grow up, they lose their sleeping position. But if they keep this habit for a long time, it will become permanent.

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