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The wolf was saved after getting its head stuck in a box and going hungry.

An Indian wolf on the verge of extinction was saved from certain death after getting its head stuck in a plastic container.

A group of amateur nature photographers saw the wolf near a lake in Nagpur, which is in central India. Their photos show how hungry the animal was. It is thought that the wolf went into the container to look for food, got stuck, and then became more and more hungry as time went on.

A 26-year-old accountant from Nagpur named Tanay Panpalia saw the wolf while he and his friends were taking pictures, so they set out to save it. After calling the Nagpur Forest Department, they followed the wolf for two hours until a rescue team came and cut the container off. Mr. Panpalia said, “It was a plastic container that people in the nearby villages often use to store food at home.” Villagers throw away their empty containers wherever they want, which is why wild animals sometimes get hurt. I went to the lake with two friends to take pictures of birds, but we were also hoping to get pictures of wolves.

When we saw a pack of them, we were so excited that we decided to follow them for a while and take pictures. Suddenly, we came across a young wolf whose head was stuck in a plastic container.

The other wolves watched us from a distance. We were scared because there were only three of us and ten of them. But the young wolf looked very weak because it couldn’t eat because of the plastic container. He was able to breathe and drink water because the plastic container had holes in it. This is likely what kept him alive. We called the Nagpur Forest Department’s rescue team right away and followed the wolf until they got there.

After two hours, the team finally got there. With the help of a rescue kit, we were able to catch him and cut the container off of his head.

It worked, and the wolf did not get hurt on the outside. We kept pouring water on him to cool him down, and then we let him go back into the wild. He left quickly and later came back to the pack. It took about three hours to save everyone, but it was worth it.

I was sad to see a beautiful animal get stuck and almost die because people didn’t know what to do.

As I followed him, I wrote down everything that happened so that people could learn how their trash affects wildlife.

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