There are 19 things in Japan that are either strange or clever, but they are definitely not boring.

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Everyone knows that Japan is one of the most technologically advanced countries and that most of its people have a very high level of schooling. How Japan looks to people from other countries depends on how the people there live and what their traditions are. In this country, you can try the strangest foods, see how well customer service is thought out, and see how safe and trustworthy people are.

We at Bright Side are sure that no one will be able to stay indifferent to Japanese culture.

Tokyo has 10°C. Heaters are near the parks and open rest areas next to a nearby outlet mall. Parents can stay warm by the gas fires while their kids play.

“I visited Tokyo. I saw and ate bread made with bamboo coal for the first time. You might have thought these were burnt pieces of bread, but they are not. They are soft, new pieces of bread.

Kids can leave their bags in the train station’s waiting room during trips. They don’t have to worry about anyone stealing their things.

When a train is coming, people stand along the lines that show where the doors of each car are, and when the train arrives, the doors open right at these lines. No one is pushed, and everyone waits quietly.

You can’t miss this path for people. Not even at night.

In Japan, there are vending machines that sell fruits and veggies. Some machines even sell beer during the day, but not at night.

Huge building sites in towns should always monitor how loud it is. So, there’s nothing wrong with living next to a building site.

They have a bike for a mom or dad and two kids. This is how parents who don’t have a car get around. The older kid sits in the back seat, and the youngest sits near the steering wheel where the parent can see them.

In Japan, you get a bag with a special handle for carrying big, awkward things.

In Japan, this green line shows a school zone where kids walk to school.

If every seat in a cab has a white cover, you know you’re in Japan.

Everyone on the ground bows and waves in Japan as passenger jets take off.

You can go here on a date and play with cats simultaneously. You can meet the love of your life while touching a cat and giving it special ice cream for cats.

You can put this special basket next to your table at this Japanese restaurant. There is room for your bag and other personal items.

“Here’s another thing that makes me love Japan. Once a season, they move things around in shops and give buyers floor maps to put on their shopping carts.

In Japan, you can buy dress shirts at 7/11.

Because it is so safe, the Japanese sleep on the train with their phones beside them.

At platforms, the ticket gates are all about trust.

Only in Japan is this possible.

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