You are currently viewing There is a beautiful bird called the grandala. It Has Blue and Jet-Black Feathers That Are Both Electric Blue and Blue.

There is a beautiful bird called the grandala. It Has Blue and Jet-Black Feathers That Are Both Electric Blue and Blue.

Grandalas are one of the most beautiful birds I have ever seen. Their wings and tails are dark blue with white stripes. Male dragonflies are electric blue with jet black wings and tails. Female dragonflies are brown with brown scales.

Often seen in groups above mountain passes, scrubby alpine forests, and highland meadows, this large thrush is not like any other thrush you’ve seen before. This is what the adult male looks like. It is a dark blue with jet-black wings. They are brown with white streaks on their heads and bodies, and they have a few white stripes on their wings that aren’t very big. The long-billed and sharp-winged look, as well as the flocking behavior, is more like that of starlings than of thrushes.

Grandala grandala coelicolor can be found across the Himalayas to the Tibetan Plateau in China, and they live in the same places. This animal is found in eastern Tibet and the north of Yunnan, as well as in western Sichuan, eastern Qinghai, and a small part of Gansu in China. HABITAT This bird lives and breeds on wind-swept, barren slopes above the scrub line, up to a height of 5500 m (18,050 ft.).In the winter, it descends to 1820 m (5,050 ft.) (5,970 ft.).

BEHAVIOR Often in large groups. Birds like this one feed on invertebrates and berries that are on the ground. They flap their wings and tail like they are talking and perch on rocks. ID. All of the males are the same. They are thin and long-winged, and they have a shimmering cobalt blue plumage with only some black on the lores, the wings, and the tail. Women are grey-brown, but they have a lot of white streaking on their heads, upper mantles, and underparts, as well as white scaling on their vent and undertail coverts. They also have two white patches on their folded wings, one on the primaries and one on the secondaries, which show as wingbars in flight.

This is how it looks like a female, but it doesn’t have blue wash on the rump and uppertail coverts, is a little more streaked, has a white eye-ring, and white tips on the tertial and greater coverts (much less obvious in adult females).

Parts that are not attached to each other: There are two kinds of birds: adults have a black bill, and juveniles have a gray-yellow one. piercing, melodious, and slurred voice, “tiyoo” call that sounds slurred A song is made up of 5 or 6 notes that sound like they’re wailing together.

The global population size hasn’t been determined, but the species is said to be common to common in the Himalayas and rare to common in China (del Hoyo et al. 2005). The population is thought to be stable because there is no evidence of declines or major threats.

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