These 25 cool dads are as sweet as honey.

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Being a dad is just as hard as being a mom. Still, dads don’t give up and, along with moms, do a great job of raising their kids. They care for and protect their children from the moment they are born. They watch them grow, bloom, and graduate, and sometimes they can’t help but cry with love and happiness. And we can’t help but smile sweet smiles!

Bright Side wants to thank dads for all they do for their kids, so we put together this list of the best examples of how deep and loving a dad’s love can be.

1. He brought his daughter to his graduation, and 18 years later, he was very happy to go to hers.

2. The kids always come first, no matter what.

3. After 30 years, a father and son have a good time together.

4. “At the last minute, my wedding photographer recommended that I take photos with my dad before the ceremony. His response shows how lucky I am to have him as my father.”

5. “My brother was the first person in my family to get a Master’s. My dad just kept crying and crying.”

6. “My dad died of cancer when I was 16, but before he died, he paid for flowers to be sent to me on my birthday every year until I turned 21. These are the last flowers I got for my 21st birthday.”

7. A father and daughter growing up together

8. He got it marked because his daughter died and it was the last thing she gave him before the accident.

9. “My boyfriend is holding our identical twin girls for the first time. They were born early at 30 weeks.”

12. The girl’s dad helps her spin a hula hoop. See how happy she is!

13. Dad and daughter are getting dressed up to watch a movie about Cinderella.

14. “My dad fell asleep after spending all night caring for my sick brother.”

15. A dad always creates creative ways to keep his kids safe from bad weather.

16. “My friend has many children. This is how he spends his Halloween.”

17. “So my dad made sure that my Reese’s wouldn’t melt.”

18. A father and his son both wear clothes that look the same.

19.This dad gives his crippled son a device that helps him walk, and the boy can’t hide his excitement!

20. This man is going to a fun run with his daughter.

21. This dad is using his blind son’s hands to mark on a small soccer field what is happening on the real field.

22. “We went to a father-daughter dance, and a picture from the year before was used to show off the event. My daughter felt like a star.”

23. He shields her eyes from the sun.

24. “My dad volunteers as Batman at a children’s hospital to bring smiles to kids with cancer.”

25. A school asked for 50 volunteer fathers for an event on Facebook, so kids who didn’t have a father or whose dads couldn’t make it could still enjoy it. 600 dads from all walks of life came.

Which picture did you like best? Have you ever seen a father love his child like this? In the comments, please tell us more about this.

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