These ashes were scattered by the boy’s grandmother, and he saved the dog’s life.

Every now and then, you can save someone else’s life. There are no words to describe how happy you will be.

It was only 20 years old when Raden Soemawinata went to Brighton to put his grandmother’s ashes in the bay in Melbourne.

This is how it worked out: He could save a life while saying goodbye to one of his favorite people on Earth.

On this day, we took a walk with Sue Drummond and her dog, Bibi. Matlese-shitzu and Bibi were with Sue Drummond. Bibi was blown away by the strong wind and fell into the water. And this made Drummond think that he was going to lose Bibi.

Soon, Raden was swimming to Bibi. He gave Raden a big hug as he saved the animal’s life. She was shocked by it.

People who know her say that she was shocked and helpless. Was she sure she could swim with Bibi?

It was Raden’s quick thinking that saved Bibi, and both the dog’s owner and the dog are grateful for his good deed.

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