They are so cute! This hamster has the world’s thinnest cast on for a broken arm.

A hurt animal is unfortunate. Then your heart will be ripped out.

He’s so cute. GeorgeOnee, a Reddit user, has shared this adorable picture with the world. He is a tiny hamster, and he also has a tiny cast on his arm because he broke it.

This little hamster broke its little arm, so it needed a cast to help it heal. Take a look at that! It’s so small and sweet. This picture shows a positive, which is this little guy’s recovery, rather than how to take advantage of it. If you want to see more animals with casts, we have found many them here.

1. The little hamster

2. Doggy with his cast

Image via Jamwee

3. The cast is stronger to this kitty

credit: reddit

4. Stay strong buddy

Image via City Wildlife

5. Someone has given a carrot to the arm

Image via Faderautomator

6. Only one arm left

Image via Jeff Moore

7. Cast around the body!

8. Injured Sloth here

9. Get well soon mate

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