They would kill this dog because he was old, but an old man cared for him.

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Sam, a 13-year-old German shepherd, has been with his loving owner for what seems like forever. Unfortunately, his parents sent him to the Navy and gave him to shelter. Sam’s life changed because of this. He was in a lot of pain. Sam was too old, so no one wanted to take him on. Sad to say, the safe house put him to sleep so they could make room for a new box of dogs.

Someone stopped them from putting Sam to sleep.

Photo credit: recreoviral

The German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County called George Johnson, who was looking for an older dog to adopt when Sam was about to be put down. The 93-year-old Navy veteran had been looking for a dog since losing his favourite pet. He tried to get help from shelters, but none had a place for him. George wanted an older pet, which was different from what everyone else wanted.

As soon as George heard about Sam and the story about his owner joining the Navy, he knew they were meant to be together. This war hero who had already saved the day three times came to give Sam a new home where he could get all the love he needed. George joked that he and Sam are alike because they are both “two old dogs” when he was being asked about the adoption. He continued by saying they would stay together as long as possible.

Photo credit: recreoviral

He was on the lookout for a new friend… George told the Petco Foundation and KABC about how he lost his dog and found it after Sam and George adopted it. The response was very strong! George and Sam got a cake to celebrate their new life together. Sam got a shopping spree, and the Petco Foundation gave $25,000 to the German Shepherd Rescue group.

We’re sure Sam’s original owner is happy that his favourite dog will still have a good life. Sam and George might be able to help each other now. The last part of his life will be happy because of this kind of person. Thank you very much for your service and for keeping Sam safe.

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