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This Bird Looks Like It Came From Paradise

Nobody gets tired of admiring nature. It is full of gorgeous and fabulous animals, which is why many of us feel drawn to nature in times of fear and anxiety. This is why many doctors advocate a natural getaway for various ailments.

You will be delighted to read today’s post because all nature enthusiasts are infatuated with birds. If you enjoy bird watching, you may have seen many species, but this bird may be new to you, as it is only found in the Himalayas, China, boreal woods, and the Tian Shan.

The “White-browed Tit-Warbler” looks like it came from heaven. You can see, It has beautiful rainbow-colored plumage and is called a tit-warbler. It has a reddish belly and a purple coat. Tiny white or grey brows are seen, but only in males.

These tit-warblers are tiny, measuring 8.5 cm-10 cm. They may quickly travel across branches, so you must be very alert to locate them. Bird experts call them courteous because their chirping sounds like ‘sirrrrrrr.’ They are seen in couples during the breeding season, but otherwise, they are seen in groups.
This species is no longer listed as a threatened species for whatever reason. They are easy to hide among trees and branches because they have few local predators and a camouflage skin color.

If you enjoy bird watching, do some research and try to see these lovely birds at least once in your life.


Image Credit: Choldan Gasha

Image Credit: Imran Shah


Image Credit: mozaic_rewilding

Image Credit: Imran Shah


Image Credit: Jason Tiesman

Image Credit: Tropical Birding Tours

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