The more you think you’ve seen all of the beautiful things this world offers, the further you are from the truth. Maybe unicorns don’t exist, but the bird you’ll see in the pictures below looks just as magical and mysterious as a unicorn, but it does exist. When the bird flies, the way its colors are arranged makes it look like a rainbow. The white-browed tit-warbler is a bird that lives in China, the Tian Shan, and the Himalayas. It can also be found in boreal forests.

© Imran Shah / flick

They have a purple-blue coat, a chestnut cap, a pinkish belly, and a grey or white eyebrow. The male tit-warblers have more vivid colors than the females. They are 8.5–10 cm (3.3–3.9 in) long and weigh between 6 and 8 g (0.21–0.28 oz). Not only are these birds beautiful, but when they talk, they say “sirrrrr” in their tweets. White-browed tit-warblers live in pairs during the breeding season, but when the season is over, they join flocks of 25 or more birds.

© Imran Shah / flickr

They eat small amounts of berries and seeds in the fall and winter. In the spring and summer, they eat small insects and spiders. These colorful birds are not in danger of going extinct, which could be because their nests are well-hidden or because there are no predators in their nesting areas.

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