This Cave Was Closed With A Man Trapped Inside!

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Image source: The Mirror / MRU.INK

A man was trapped inside this cave when it was closed.

When cave searchers first went into Nutty Putty Cave in 1960, they were amazed by how tight and slippery the tunnels were. An adventurer named John was one of them. When John first explored Nutty Putty Cave in 2009, he got stuck in a small passageway and couldn’t get out for 28 hours. What happened next was a very upsetting event.

John got stuck upside down in a cave that had no way out. He tried many times but couldn’t get free. John was still inside the cave when it was locked up. At the same time, his wife was expecting their second child. He talked to his wife in his last moments because he thought he might never see her again. Let’s look more closely at the whole story of this terrible event.

Image source: The Mirror / MRU.INK

The Dangerous Expedition

John has loved exploring caves since he was a child. As a child, his dad took him on many cave trips. As a child, John and his brother Josh went on many cave trips across Utah with the help of their dad.

John had just become a dad and wanted to become a pediatric heart doctor. On November 24, 2009, he chose to do his hobby again. He got his brother and some friends together to plan a trip to Nutty Putty Cave. People who liked to go on adventures liked Nutty Putty in Utah because it had some interesting volcanic features.

The adventure got off to a good start as the group explored the room with the “Big Slide.” But things went wrong when John tried to go through the tricky “Birth Canal” tunnel. John tried to get through, but he got stuck in the narrow, almost vertical crack deep inside the cave.

“Hi Susie, thanks for coming.” I really, really want to leave, though.

John said
When things were calm, John told the first person who came to help him how badly he wanted to be saved.

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