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This clever crow wants to go out of its way to help a hungry mouse.

Is there a story about the crow drinking water that you know? A pot of water came to the crow’s aid when he was thirsty, but its long spout meant the water didn’t reach his beak. What did the smart little bird do?

There were some small stones and pebbles that it brought. It threw them into the pot, making the water rise until it was near the spout. There was no need for the crow to drink water. Ancient Greek storyteller Aesop told this fable a lot. It’s one of his most well-known stories.

But one doesn’t need him to know that crows are very smart. The best way to show that they are intelligent and adaptable is to see how many things they can do. They live in every major city in the world and in the wild. Those who are true omnivores can also hunt if they need to. That isn’t the point of this video. In this case, it’s about how kind they are.

The mouse is one of the crow’s biggest enemies in an urban environment. In this video, you will see the crow share what looks like food with the mouse. You can see it go out of its way to give the mouse a piece of bread.

This isn’t the first time crows’ intelligence has been discussed. An episode of BBC Earth shows how a crow can solve very hard puzzles. Watch the video below to see for yourself!


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