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This Dog Displays His Stick Collection to His Father

The majority collected it. Stamps, coins, rocks, insects, etc. Humans are not the only ones who collect and have museums. And this pup confirms it.

A 4-year-old golden retriever named Bruce.

Guess his pastime?

It gathers sticks.

Meet Bruce, a 4-year-old golden retriever who has become a stick collector.


Leo Icenhour, the dog’s owner, recalls the start of this practice. Bruce’s favorite stick was snowed in one winter. No matter how hard Bruce looked, he couldn’t find it.

“He started collecting sticks after a major snowstorm dumped 12 inches of snow on our area,” Icenhour said. “He only had one stick at the time, and he loved it. When it started snowing, he left the stick in our field. Every time we went outdoors for the next few days, he was franticly hunting for his stick. He’d dig like crazy, burying his head in the snow to discover it!

The little pup already has around 50 sticks from his daily walks.

He can only play with rubber toys, but look how pleased he is with his collection!

His collection of sticks isn’t standardized. He carries a variety of calibers. And I’m sure he has a tale for every stick he possesses.

In a severe snowstorm, he lost his favorite stick and began collecting.

He dug trenches and sniffed around for it.

After a few days of sunshine melted the snow, he finally found his prized stick while digging. I assume he never wanted to be without sticks again, so he began collecting. “

He may have discovered how valuable sticks are after losing his favorite.

Bruce has a collection of sticks but is not permitted to play with them owing to a 2 year old mishap.

“We’ve gone through a lot together since a stick ruptured his esophagus while we were playing fetch on his 2nd birthday. We started playing fetch with a rubber stick and Bruce started collecting sticks! “

After the snow thawed, he found his beloved stick.

He began collecting sticks to avoid reliving the same brief loss.

Bruce always slips out to get some sticks. He can’t bring them inside. So he keeps them all in one place.

“Bruce is a happy-go-lucky dog.” I am biased, but I think he is the world’s best boy, “Icenhour said. He’s always eager to please and enjoys the limelight. He follows me everywhere, and our favorite time together is nap time (other than fetch time, of course). Like many other dogs, he adores peanut butter! Every year for his birthday, called Bruce-A-Pa-Looza (the year’s biggest party), I make him a delicious double cheeseburger that is quickly vacuumed up. “

It’s been all over Reddit, Imgur, and news outlets.

“Am I surprised Bruce is a web sensation? No way. He is my life and a truly unusual pup, so I am extremely proud of him. He is my moon, my cheese, and my peanut butter. ” Icenhour explained Bruce’s fame.

Bruce also has a raccoon pal named Lily. Lily, who was found orphaned at 4 weeks old, has been a part of this family ever since. The most beautiful and pure friendship I have ever seen. “

So, having a hobby makes you happier. Bruce has had over 100,000 views and 11,000 upvotes on Reddit and Imgur. His collection has generated various online media headlines.

Image credits: leoicenhour

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