This four-year-old boy and his foal have the most beautiful relationship, and it is so sweet.

There has been a long history of children and animals getting along very well. Besides, it’s hard to find better pairs than a kid and a dog. Even so, I think kids should get used to being comfortable around any animal from the farm, not just horses.

Though horses are big and strong, they can also be very playful and friendly, especially the foals. In addition, when there is a little human around, baby horses are even more fun. He and his best friend, who is a dog, are 4 years old and live in Iceland.

Thordur and the foal fell in love at first sight, and they have been together ever since. After he saw the horse for the first time, the 4-year-old couldn’t keep himself excited. Even though they both liked it!

A video description says that “Thordur was a big fan of him, and he was also a big fan of his new foal.” Look around:

It doesn’t matter if the two of them are best of friends, and the pictures and video from the bottom show that. Everyone should know that a kit shouldn’t be around horses or any other big animal alone.

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