This “Hard-Working” Cat has been running a store for the last 12 years without taking a single day off!

When Bobo works hard, he knows how important it is to be dedicated.

Twelve years ago, when the ginger cat was just a kitten, he found himself without a place to stay.

It was good that an employee of a little shop in Chinatown in New York City took Bobo to the store and let him live there.

He quickly got to work, and over the next 10 years, he proved himself to be a very reliable employee, so he was hired.

When Bobo was at work, he did everything necessary, like sitting on every piece of cardboard, looking out the window, and meowing at customers.

He also kept a close eye on his coworkers and liked to know where everyone was and what they were doing at all times.

“King Bobo” is how people called Bobo because he was the only cat in the store.

Bobo was thrilled to hear that he looked like a king.

Bobo worked at the shop for ten years and never missed a day.

Over the years, he made many friends and acquaintances and charmed his way into the hearts of many people.

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